Rules of Appellate Procedure – Effective May 1, 2024

URAP011. The Record on appeal. The amendments to Rule 11 clarify: (1) that exhibits will also be included in the record along with a list of all exhibits; and (2) how parties can access sealed records on appeal. The second change is in response to the Supreme Court’s opinion in State v. Chadwick, 2023 UT 12.

URAP022. Computation and enlargement of time. Rule 22 paragraph (b)(4)(D) was amended so the rule will match the long-standing procedure used in the appellate clerk’s office. The advisory committee note was also updated to remove the same language that was removed from paragraph (b)(4(D).

URAP052. Child welfare appeals. In accordance with the Supreme Court’s opinion in A.S. v. State, 2023 UT 11, Rule 52 was amended to: (1) modify the title of paragraph (c) to mirror the title used in paragraph (d) of Rule 4; and (2) add a procedure for a parent to file a motion to reinstate the period for filing a direct appeal if the parent demonstrates that they were deprived of the right to appeal.

Supreme Court Order

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