Code of Judicial Administration – Effective February 27, 2024

CJA03-0306.02. Language Access Committee (AMEND). Removes the reference to rule Rule 3-306.05.

Judicial Council Order for CJA 3-306.02

CJA03-0306.03. Interpreter credentialing (AMEND). Clarifies that the rule does not apply to staff interpreters employed by the court and gives the Language Access Program Manager the discretion to grant a rare language exemption without approval from the Language Access Committee.

Judicial Council Order for CJA 3-306.03

CJA03-0306.04. Interpreter appointment, payment, and fees (AMEND). 1) Allows judicial officers to appoint “approved” interpreters in legal proceedings without exhausting the list of “certified” interpreters; 2) prevents court employees not hired as staff interpreters from interpreting legal proceedings; and 3) removes language regarding staff interpreter employee benefits.

Judicial Council Order for CJA 3-306.04

CJA03-0306.05. Interpreter removal, discipline, and formal complaints (REPEALED)

Judicial Council Order for CJA 3-306.05

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