Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner – Effective November 1, 2018

Firms and Associations

URGLPP5.01. Responsibilities of partners, managers, and supervisory licensed paralegal practitioners.

URGLPP5.02. Responsibilities of a subordinate licensed paralegal practitioner.

URGLPP5.03. Responsibilities regarding non-lawyer and non-licensed paralegal practitioner assistants.

URGLPP5.04. Professional independence of a licensed paralegal practitioner.

URGLPP5.05. Unauthorized practice of law; multijurisdictional practice of law.

URGLPP5.06. Restrictions on right to practice.

URGLPP5.07. Reserved.

Public Service

URGLPP6.01. Voluntary pro bono legal service.

URGLPP6.02. Reserved.

URGLPP6.03. Membership in legal services organization.

URGLPP6.04. Law reform activities affecting client interests.

URGLPP6.05. Nonprofit and court-annexed limited legal services programs.

Supreme Court Order

Utah Courts

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