Rules of Civil Procedure – Effective November 1, 2022

URCP004. Process. Amend. A community member recognized the slight difference in the language of the rule and the language in the form summons as it relates to default judgments.  Based upon the regular practice with default judgments the Committee proposed a change of the word “will” to “may” in subsection (c)(1)(E).  The rule now reads a “judgment by default may be entered against the defendant.”

URCP043. Evidence. Amend. A proposal was made to change the language of the remote hearing oath outlined in subsection (c) to remove the language “issue (or matter) pending between ___ and ___” to be replaced by the word “matter.”  Particularly for cases in juvenile court where the caption is “State of Utah in the interest of …” the language in the oath is more encompassing if read “evidence you shall give in this matter” when administering the oath.

URCP076. Notice of contact information change. Amend. After review of the rule and publishing for comment twice, the amendments include what information must be provided when contact information changes and to whom notice should be sent.


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