Supreme Court Regulatory Reform – Revised – Effective August 31, 2020

Shortly after the Supreme Court adopted Rules 5.4A and 5.4B of the Rules of Professional Conduct, it became evident that the fee-splitting and fee-sharing provisions of Rule 5.4A should be included in the Sandbox envisioned by Rule 5.4B and Standing Order 15. In response to input from the Bar Commission and others, the Supreme Court unanimously voted to make the necessary changes.

The relevant provisions of Rules 5.4A and 5.4B have been combined into Rule 5.4. Rules 5.4A and 5.4B are repealed effective immediately. Combined Rule 5.4 and revised Standing Order 15 are adopted effective immediately.

Repealed Rules

RPC Rule 5.4A

RPC Rule 5.4B

Combined Rule and Revised Standing Order

Redline Combined RPC Rule 5.4

Clean Combined RPC Rule 5.4

Redline Revised Utah Supreme Court Standing Order No. 15

Clean Revised Utah Supreme Court Standing Order No. 15

Supreme Court Order







Utah Courts

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