Code of Judicial Administration – Effective May 1, 2018

CJA01-0205 Standing and ad hoc committees. Amend. Adds a justice court judge to the Standing Committee on Resources for Self-represented Parties.

CJA03-0104 Presiding judges. Amend. Moves and amends paragraph (c)(5) from Rule 7 of the Utah Rules of Criminal Procedure, which addresses the use of justice court judges as magistrates.

CJA03-0201 Court commissioners. Amend. Clarifies 1) how the districts and court levels that a commissioner will serve will be represented on the court commissioner nominating committee; 2) how a commissioner is selected if they will serve more than one judicial district or court level; 3) that the commissioner certification process addresses retention, not removal; 4) that when a commissioner serves two districts or court levels, the presiding judges will each prepare performance evaluations and performance plans; and 5) how the commissioner public comment period results are reviewed and used.

CJA06-0501 Reporting requirements for guardians and conservators. Amend. In conformity with H.B. 214 (2017), removes the requirement that a non-parent co-guardian report to the court when another co-guardian is the parent of the protected person.

Supreme Court Order for rules 1-205, 3-104, 6-501

Supreme Court Order for rule 3-201

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