Rules of Criminal Procedure

URCrP 27. Stays pending appeal from courts of record. Amend. The amendments remove courts not of record from the rule. The process for courts not of record will be in new rule 27A. The amendments also make structural changes to help clarify the process for seeking a stay.
URCrP 27A. Stays pending appeal from courts not of record. New. This is a new rule specifically directed at appellate stays in justice court proceedings. The rule creates 3 different processes depending on the type of judgment appealed. Judgments with no jail time are automatically stayed. A notice of appeal on a judgment of incarceration less than 30 days serves as an automatic motion for a stay. In cases involving a judgment of 30 days or more, a motion must be filed. A judgment for incarceration of 30 days are more. There is a presumption in favor of a stay.
URCrP 38. Appeals from Justice Court to District Court. Amend. The amendments provide more detail on the process for appealing justice court judgments. The amendments describe the contents of the notice of appeal, the duties of the justice court when transferring the case, and the duties of the district in handling the appeal.
Supreme Court Order.

Utah Courts

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