Rules of Appellate Procedure

URAP 04. Appeal as of right: when taken. Amend. Creates a procedure to implement the directive in State v. Manning, 2005 UT 61, 122 P.3d 628. allowing a criminal defendant to have appeal rights reinstated, when the defendant has been deprived of the an appeal. Effective: November 1, 2006
URAP 24. Briefs. Amend. Clarifies the briefs that are to be filed and the number of pages permitted in cases involving cross-appeals. A singled brief may not exceed 50 pages, and the combined total of a party’s two briefs may not exceed 75 pages. Effective: November 1, 2006
URAP 60. Judicial bypass appeals. New. Establishes an expedited procedure by which a minor can appeal denial or dismissal of a petition to bypass parental consent to an abortion. Effective May 1, 2006. Subject to further changes after the comment period.
Supreme Court Order May 1, 2006
Supreme Court Order

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