Rules of Juvenile Procedure

URJP 16. Transfer of delinquency case for preliminary inquiry. Amend. Renumber according to Supreme Court protocol. Effective: November 1, 2006
URJP 34. Pre-trial hearing in non-delinquency cases. Amend. Technical amendment. Effective: November 1, 2006
URJP 37. Child protective orders. Amend. Technical amendment to conform to statute. Effective: November 1, 2006
URJP 60. Judicial bypass procedure to authorize minor to consent to an abortion. New. Establishes an expedited procedure by which a minor can petition to bypass parental consent to an abortion. The amendment shown is effective May 10, 2006. The balance of the rule is effective May 1, 2006. Subject to further changes after the comment period.
Supreme Court Order May 1, 2006
Supreme Court Order May 10, 2006
Supreme Court Order

Utah Courts

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