Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 4-202.08. Fees for records, information, and services. Changes fee for on-line search from per minute to per search basis.
CJA 4-611. Probable cause determinations for purposes of detention. Repeal. Procedure governed by URCrP 7.
CJA 4-801. Transfer of small claims cases. Conform to small claims amendments.
CJA 4-802. Motion to reinstate small claims proceedings. Repeal. Procedures governed by Small Claims Rule 10.
CJA 4-803. Trials de novo in small claims cases. Repeal. Procedures governed by Small Claims Rule 12.
CJA 11-101. Supreme Court’s rulemaking process. Include rules regulating the Utah State Bar in the Supreme Court?s rule making process. Adopts notice of comment period by email.
CJA 11-203. Senior justice court judges. Repeal and reenact. Adopt for senior justice court judges the similar qualifications and procedures as for senior judges of the courts of record.

Utah Courts

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