Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioners – Effective January 25, 2024

URGLPP15-0707. Application; deadlines; withdrawals; postponements and fees. Amend. The amendments to CJA Rule 15-707 in Paragraphs (b)  and (d) are updated to reflect (i) removing “February” and “July” from exam dates since the LPP exams have consistently occurred in March and August, (ii) the initial application deadline for the August exam changing from March 1 to April 1, and (iii) adding a second late/final deadline for applications, which is November 1 for the March LLP exam and May 1 for the August LLP exam. Paragraph (b)(2) is amended to reflect an updated reference. Other changes include changing language from plural to singular and removing gender pronouns, as well as removing passive language to clarify where the applicant needs to take action and who they need to contact in Paragraphs (c) and (e)(2).

URGLPP15-0717. Relicensure after resignation or delicensure of Utah licensed paralegal practitioners. Amend. The amendments to CJA Rule 15-717 are to update references within the rule and creating a section heading for Paragraph (c).

Supreme Court Order

Utah Courts

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