Rules of Juvenile Procedure – Effective November 1, 2023

URJP022. Initial appearance and preliminary examination in cases under Section 80-6-503. Amend. The approved amendments to Rule 22 include: (1) adding reference to Utah Code section 80-6-504 to the title; (2) changing the term “preliminary examination” to “preliminary hearing”; (3) in paragraph (f), adding reference to subsection (3) of 80-6-504; (4) in paragraph (g), clarifying timelines for scheduling preliminary hearings based on whether a youth is in custody, removing reference to Utah Code section 80-6-503, and moving the language allowing extension to time periods to the end of the paragraph; (5) replacing the language in paragraph (h) and making reference to 80-6-504(11); (6) removing specific probable cause language in paragraph (j) and making reference to 80-6-504(2)(a) and 80-6-503(3) instead; and, (7) adding “may” to the second clause of paragraph (k) to mirror the language of Rule 7B of the Utah Rules of Criminal Procedure.  Lastly, the changes also include replacing the language “shall” with “must” or “will” to comply with the Supreme Court Style Guide.

Supreme Court Order

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