Rules of Civil Procedure – Effective November 1, 2021 and May 1, 2022


URCP026.  General provisions governing disclosure and discovery. Amend. The amendments to Rule 26 extend several discovery timelines and clarify multiple provisions. The amendments also include the language that was proposed in SJR004 (2021), which addressed a party’s duty to pay an expert witness’s hourly fee for attendance at a deposition.

As a whole, the family law amendments below are intended to

URCP010. Form of pleadings and other papers. Amend. Effective May 1, 2022. 

URCP012.  Defenses and objections. Amend.

URCP026. General provisions governing disclosure and discovery. Amend.

URCP026.01. Disclosure and discovery in domestic relations actions. Amend.

URCP100A.  Case Management of Domestic Relations Actions. NEW.

URCP104. Divorce decree upon affidavit. Amend.

URCP106.  Modification of final domestic relations order. Amend.

Supreme Court Order for rules 12, 26, 26.1, 100A, 104, and 106

Supreme Court Order for Rule 10

Utah Courts

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