Rules of Appellate Procedure – Effective December 1, 2018

URAP023B. The amendments to Rule 23B Motion for remand for findings necessary to determination of ineffective assistance of counsel claim, clarifies when a motion must be filed.

URAP025. The amendments to Rule 25 Brief of an amicus curiae or guardian ad litem, change a reference to Rule 50.

URAP050. The amendments to Rule 50, Response; reply; brief of amicus curiae, provide that a party may file a response to a petition and how the time for the response shall run. The amendment permits a party to file a letter in lieu of a formal response, deletes language regarding distribution of filings by the clerk, and establishes a time for filing a reply to a response.

URAP051. The amendment to Rule 51 Disposition of petition for writ of certiorari, deletes a reference to Rule 50.

Supreme Court Order

Utah Courts

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