Rules of Civil Procedure – Effective November 1, 2016

URCP004. Process. Amend. The proposed amendment eliminates the authority to serve a defendant any time before trial, see St. Jeor v. Kerr Corporation, 2015 UT 49, ¶2. It also allows for and describes acceptance of the summons and complaint, which replaces the section on waiver of service, and it requires proof of service to include a copy of the summons.

URCP015. Amended and supplemental pleadings. Amend. Adopts the federal rule governing relation-back of an amended pleading when the amended pleading adds a new party. See Wright v. P.K. Transport, 2014 UT App 93. ¶¶ 18-22, Voros concurring. Requires that the proposed amended pleading be attached to the motion for permission to file an amended pleading. Adopts many of the grammar and style amendments of the federal rule.

Supreme Court Order


Utah Courts

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