Rules of Civil Procedure – Effective May 1, 2016

URCP 006. Time. Amend. Corrects references to amended rules 50 and 60.

Revision to URCP 006.

URCP 008. General rules of pleadings. Amend. Changes the phrase “contributory negligence” to “comparative fault,” in keeping with Utah Code sections 78B-5-817.

URCP 011. Signing of pleadings, motions, affidavits, and other papers; representations to court; sanctions. Amend. Recognizes the requirements of Rule 5(f) for a notarized, verified or acknowledged signature.

URCP 050. Judgment as a matter of law in a jury trial; related motion for a new trial; conditional ruling. Amend. Adopts many of the provisions of FRCP 50. Changes the name from “directed verdict” to “judgment as a matter of law.” Eliminates the requirement that the motion be renewed at the close of all evidence. Extends to 28 days after the judgment the time in which to renew the motion for judgment as a matter of law. Describes the effect of trial court rulings reversed on appeal.

URCP 052. Findings and conclusions by the court; amended findings; waiver of findings and conclusions; correction of the record; judgment on partial findings. Adopts many of the provisions of FRCP 52. Provides for judgment on partial findings, which will replace an equivalent provision in Rule 41(b). Extends to 28 days after the judgment the time in which to file a motion to amend or make additional findings.

URCP 055. Default. Amend. Requires the plaintiff to provide a verified complaint or affidavit setting forth the necessary facts to establish the amount of the claim, after deducting credits, and verifies that the amount is warranted by information in the plaintiff’s possession.

URCP 059. New trial; amendments of judgment. Amend. Adopts many of the provisions of FRCP 59. Extends to 28 days after the judgment the time in which to file a motion for new trial or a motion to amend or alter the judgment. Allows the court to grant, after notice and an opportunity to be heard, a motion for a new trial for a reason not stated in the motion.

URCP 060  Relief from judgment or order. Amend. Style changes intended to simplify and clarify the rule.

URCP 063. Disability or disqualification of a judge. Amend. Allows a second or subsequent motion to disqualify a judge if the motion is based on grounds that the party did not know of and could not have known of at the time of the earlier motion. Requires a request to submit for decision with the motion. Expressly prohibits a response from another party.

Supreme Court Order.

Revised Supreme Court Order

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