Rules of Civil Procedure

URCP 026. General provisions governing disclosure and discovery. Amend. Refers the person requesting extraordinary discovery to rule 37.
URCP 030. Depositions upon oral questions. Amend. Deletes an incorrect reference to appellate transcripts of court hearings as the method for preparing a transcript of a deposition.
URCP 037. Discovery and disclosure motions; Sanctions. Amend. Replaces traditional discovery motions with the process of expedited statements of discovery issues currently found in Code of Judicial Administration Rule 4-502. If approved, the procedural provisions of Rule 4-502 will be deleted. Allows costs and attorney’s fees to be included as part of a statement of discovery issues, but requires a motion for sanctions.
URCP 045. Subpoena. Amend. Refers the person objecting to a subpoena or requesting an order to compel to rule 37. Requires that a third-party subpoena be served on the other parties.
Supreme Court Order.

Utah Courts

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