Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 02-0204. Local supplemental rules. Amend. Modifies the process by which local rules are approved.
CJA 04-0202.01. Definitions. Amend. Excludes from the definition of a “record” documents prepared or received by a person in the person’s private capacity and documents that do not relate to the public’s business.
CJA 04-0202.02. Records classification. Amend. Removes investigative subpoenas from the list of protected records. Section 77-22-2 will regulate access to investigative subpoenas. Changes the classification of PSI reports from private to protected. Designates additional circumstances in which the name of a minor is public. Classifies as “protected” records subject to the attorney client privilege.
CJA 04-0202.03. Records access. Amend. Clarifies who has access to a private or a protected court record.
CJA 04-0202.05. Request to access an administrative record; research; request to classify an administrative record; request to create an index. Amend. Permits releasing non-public records for research purposes if the interests favoring the research are greater than or equal to the interests favoring closure.
CJA 04-0401.01. Electronic media coverage of court proceedings. New. Replaces Rule 4-401. Permits electronic media coverage of any public court hearing. Describes application and approval process. Establishes factors for denying electronic media coverage. Describes limits.
CJA 04-0401.02. Possession and use of portable electronic devices. New. Permits possession and use of portable electronic devices in courthouses. Allows judge to restrict use in courtrooms.
CJA 04-0405. Juror and witness fees and expenses. Amend. Requires prosecutors to certify to the number of miles for which a witness is entitled to payment.
CJA 04-0409. Council approval of Problem Solving Courts. Amend. Regulates ex parte communication in problem solving courts, as recognized by the Code of Judicial Conduct and consistent with the signed agreement. Removes from the rule several justice courts no longer running DUI courts.
CJA 04-0503. Mandatory electronic filing. Amend. Requires the electronic filer to use a personal identity with an e-filing interface, rather than someone else’s.
CJA 04-0508. Guidelines for ruling on a motion to waive fees. New. Establishes guidelines for ruling on a motion to waive fees. Requires use of court-approved forms.
CJA 11-0201. Senior judges. Amend. Removes reference to the Judicial Council’s attorney survey for certification of senior judges.

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