Rules Governing the Utah State Bar

Substantive and technical amendments to multiple rules to adopt the Uniform Bar Exam in Utah.
USB 14-0701. Definitions.
USB 14-0702. Board – general powers.
USB 14-0703. Qualifications for admission of Student and Foreign Law School Applicants.
USB 14-0704. Qualifications for admission of Attorney Applicants.
USB 14-0705. Admission by Motion.
USB 14-0706. Test accommodations.
USB 14-0707. Application; deadlines; withdrawals; postponements and fees.
USB 14-0708. Character and fitness.
USB 14-0709. Application denial.
USB 14-0710. Administration of the Bar Examination.
USB 14-0711. Grading and passing of the Bar Examination.
USB 14-0712. Qualifications for admission based on UBE.
USB 14-0713. MPRE.
USB 14-0714. Unsuccessful Applicants: disclosure and right of inspection.
USB 14-0715. Bar Examination appeals.
USB 14-0716. License fees; enrollment fees; oath and admission.
USB 14-0717. Readmission after resignation or disbarment of Utah attorneys.
USB 14-0718. Licensing of Foreign Legal Consultants. Renumber from 14-805 and amend.
USB 14-0719. Qualifications for admission of House Counsel Applicants. Renumber from 14-720 and amend.
USB 14-0720. Confidentiality. Renumber from 14-719 and amend.
USB 14-0805. Reserved. Reserved.
Supreme Court Order.

Utah Courts

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