Utah Rules of Appellate Procedure

URAP 01. Scope of rules. Amend. Recognizes the new rules governing appeals in child welfare cases.
URAP 02. Suspension of rules. Amend. Adds a reference to two of the new child welfare rules.
URAP 52. Child Welfare Appeals. New. A notice of appeal must be filed within 15 days from the order to be appealed. Cross-appeals must be filed within 15 days.
URAP 53. Notice of Appeal. New. Describes the contents and service requirements of the notice of appeal.
URAP 54. Transcript of Proceedings. New. Any necessary transcripts must be requested within 4 days after an appeal is filed.
URAP 55. Petition on Appeal. New. The appellant must file a petition on appeal within 15 days from the notice of appeal. The rule describes the format and contents of the petition.
URAP 56. Response to Petition on Appeal. New. A response to the petition on appeal must be filed with 15 days.
URAP 57. Record on Appeal; transmission of record. New. Establishes what is considered to be the record on appeal and when it must be transmitted.
URAP 58. Ruling. New. The court will issue a ruling based on the record on appeal, the petition, and the response, or the court can order that the case be fully briefed.
URAP 59. Extensions of time. New. The rule describes the procedure and circumstances for extensions of time to file the appeal, the petition, or the response.

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