Vernal, Utah – During the last two and a half years, many of the State Courts’ hearings have been held virtually.  Currently, many hearings are back to being held in person, but we anticipate that others will continue to be held online through Webex.

In order to provide increased access to the Courts, the 8th District would like to announce that we have installed kiosks in the Vernal Courthouse that can be used by the public.  These kiosks will allow you to connect to your hearing in the 8th District or in any District in the State where you may have a case.  We hope this will provide a service to those without internet access or those who would prefer to come to the courthouse.

We anticipate that by the first of the calendar year, kiosks will be available in Roosevelt, Duchesne and Daggett as well.  In order to access the kiosks please talk with a Judicial Assistant at one of the Clerical Counters.

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