Utah State Courts terminate all previous COVID-19-related Administrative Orders

Salt Lake City, UT – On August 26, 2022, the Chief Justice, on behalf of the Judicial Council and the Supreme Court, issued a new Administrative Order terminating all previous COVID-19-Related Orders.

Throughout the pandemic, the judiciary has consistently focused on the safety of patrons and court personnel. Though risks of infection with COVID-19 still exist, those risks can be appropriately managed without statewide orders from the Judicial Council and Supreme Court.


The Administrative Order dated June 24, 2022 is terminated. All previously imposed COVID-19-related orders are terminated, including temporary rule modifications and community level instructions.

  1. Individual districts and courthouses, as well as judges, commissioners, and court employees must work cooperatively with community partners to ensure a smooth transition from mandatory video appearances.
  2. Individual districts and courthouses, as well as judges and commissioners, are encouraged to continue to use video appearances and hybrid court as appropriate and as determined by individual benches, judges, and commissioners.
  3. An extension of a timeline ordered by the juvenile court in a child welfare, delinquency, or protective order proceeding pursuant to a prior administrative order will remain effective unless terminated by the court.
  4. Benches and presiding judges may continue to implement procedures that best serve their locations.


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