Salt Lake City, UT— Utah Courts has received recent reports from local law enforcement of citizens receiving phone calls from someone posing as law enforcement and threatening contempt of court for failure to report for jury duty.
Reports state the caller has access to personal information of victims, such as address and recent house moving. The fake officer claims there is a warrant out for the person’s arrest for failing to appear for jury duty, and demands the victim pay a fine over the phone. Sometimes, scammers will demand fines be paid using pre-paid cards, wire transfer, or ask that you deliver cash or gift cards to a physical location.
The courts would like the public to know that jury service communication is typically done by mail. If we do call, we will never ask for fine payment over the phone. We will never have law enforcement contact you about a failure to appear for jury duty, and never threaten over the phone with arrest or jail time.
While most of the state is not currently holding jury trials during the pandemic, you may still receive a jury questionnaire in the mail. We ask the public to still fill out the forms and return them so the courts can be ready to hold a jury trial when it is safe.
If you believe a scammer has contacted you, hang up and contact your local law enforcement agency.
For more information, visit: https://legacy.utcourts.gov/juryroom/juryscam.html

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