Committee Membership


Name Role Representing Appointed Renewed Expiration
Douglas Thompson Attorney Utah County Public Defenders 07/01/13 07/01/21 07/01/25

Voting Members


Name Role Representing Appointed Renewed Expiration
Hon. Kelly Schaeffer-Bullock Judge Highland Justice Court 07/01/17 07/01/21 07/01/25
Prof. Matthew Tokson  Academic University of Utah School of Law 07/08/2021 07/01/2025
Hon. Denise Porter Judge Fourth District Court 07/08/2021 07/01/2025
William Carlson Attorney Salt Lake County District Attorney 07/08/2021 07/08/2025
David Ferguson Attorney Tangaro Law 07/08/21 07/01/25
Meredith Mannebach Administrator AOC 03/20/18 05/03/22 05/03/25
Hon. Kristine Johnson  Judge Third District Court 08/09/23 06/30/26
Adam Crayk  Attorney Private Defense 07/05/23 06/30/26
Karin Fojtik  Attorney U.S. Attorney 07/05/23 06/30/26
Janet Reese Clerk of Court First District Court 03/20/22 01/01/26

Non-Voting Members

Name Representing Role
Amber Stargell Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office Recording Secretary
Bryson King Administrative Office of the Courts Staff Attorney