WINGS stands for the Working Interdisciplinary Network of Guardianship Stakeholders. WINGS groups are court-community partnerships that can drive changes affecting guardianship practices and improve the lives of people who need help in decision-making.

The mission of Utah WINGS is to bring together stakeholders from various disciplines to improve the state’s guardianship and conservatorship services and processes. To carry out its mission, Utah WINGS:

  • supports policy initiatives for the enhancement of guardianship and related infrastructure;
  • identifies and develops education and outreach opportunities regarding guardianships, conservatorships, and their alternatives;
  • provides training and support to those engaging the guardianship / conservatorship system;
  • identifies resources that may be available in emergency cases where persons of limited decision-making capacity have no guardian;
  • promotes high standards for guardians and conservators;
  • promotes collaboration between Utah WINGS members and other stakeholders; and
  • regularly evaluates the needs and priorities of Utah WINGS’s efforts.

Utah WINGS is made up of an Executive Committee and a Steering Committee. WINGS includes members from the courts, aging and disability networks, mental health agencies, advocacy groups, medical professionals, service providers, and legal fields.

Diverse representation allows WINGS to better understand and address the guardianship issues that affect our communities, and new members are welcome. For details on participating with WINGS, contact the District Court Program Administrator at (801) 578-3925.