Committee Members

Judge George Harmond, Chair
District Court Judge

Members (in alphabetical order):

Wayne Carlos
Commercial Surety Agent (Utah Assoc. of Prof. Bondsmen and Agents)

Josh Graves

Commissioner Lorene Kamalu
Representative of Counties (Utah Association of Counties)

Judge William Kendall
District Court Judge

Cpt. Corey Kiddle
County Sheriff (representing Salt Lake County Sheriff)

Andrea Jacobsen
County Pretrial Services Agency (Salt Lake County Pretrial Services)

Representative Karianne Lisonbee
State Representative

Rich Mauro
Indigent Defense Commission

Judge Brendan McCullagh
Justice Court Judge

Judge Jeanne Robison
Justice Court Judge

Tom Ross
Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice

Cara Tangaro
Defense Attorney

Keisa Williams
AOC General Counsel

Utah Insurance Department

State Senator

Juvenile Court Judge

Staff – Michael Drechsel, AOC