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Drug & Alcohol Use Among Juvenile Probationers In Utah - October, 1997

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This drug and alcohol survey included 1,032 juveniles representing well over half of all juvenile probationers in Utah. These probationers were compared against community norms with the following findings.

Probationers used drugs in all categories at rates much higher than youth in the community.

  • 3 times the community rate for alcohol
  • 13 times the community rate for hallucinogens
  • 27 times the community rate for opiates

This study was a follow up to a similar study conducted in 1992. The findings suggest that today's juvenile probationer's perception of the harmfulness of using drugs and alcohol is less than their 1992 counterparts. They also report getting drugs is easier than it was for the 1992 probationers. Over 32% of probationers were identified by the study as needing treatment for their dependence or abuse. The use of the harder drugs such as marijuana, inhalants and cocaine are up among the 1997 probationers compared to the 1992 group.

The research was completed by Dr. R. Steven Harrison, Ph.D. Associate Research Professor at the Social Research Institute at the University of Utah. The study was sponsored in a cooperative effort by the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (part of the Governor's Office), The Utah State Division of Substance Abuse and the Utah State Office of Education.

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